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  1. T

    No Tabletop Stereo AM-FM-HD radios w/ Artist Experience Display?

    No Tabletop/Boombox Stereo AM-FM-HD radios with Artist Experience Display and great quality fidelity? like Tivoli Audio quality? https://www.reddit.com/r/radio/comments/3mjnl1/no_tabletopboombox_stereo_amfmhd_radios_with/ checking... . Artist Experience Display...
  2. greedo24

    No more DXing when DRM comes along?

    I'm worried that when DRM and/or HD radio come along, there will be no more DX stations to listen to, since it's an "All or nothing" kind of a thing with digital. I'll be able to hear the local/big gun stations, but nothing from a long ways away anymore. I can appreciate that broadcasters want...