1. scanthewaves

    Corpus Blackhawk and Dolphin frequencies?

    I asked this question in a older thread reply but I guess it wasn’t seen. Would anyone happen to know what the frequencies are to monitor for the Blackhawk and Coast Guard copters in the Corpus area? I’ve tried CCAD but haven’t picked up anything for the Blackhawk and once heard the CG Dolphin...
  2. R

    Madison Medflight Helicopter comms?

    I have a puzzle. In the past I listened on 463.175 MHz, the Madison Medflight repeater, and heard both side of the conversation. Lately, I just hear the base station and despite listening on the output or input (468.175 MHz), I have not heard the helicopter side of the conversation? Anyone...
  3. scanthewaves

    Apache Operations and Frequencies?

    So for the first time living here in Lincoln County for 3 years now, we just had not 2 but 4 helos fly over, they looked unmistakably like gun ships, my guess Apaches, I looked up the nearest ANG and it says it's in Portland but there are no Apaches based there from what I can see, maybe they...
  4. M

    NYPD - Bell 429 GlobalRanger Helicopters with ADS-B

    NYPD getting new helicopters that will be faster, cheaper to fly The four Bell 429 copters, which are replacing Augusta Westland choppers, also have better infrared cameras and improved tracking beams that can illuminate crime scenes or fleeing suspects, according to the NYPD. Delivery of the...
  5. Z

    ARCH Air Medical

    Is the dispatch frequency for ARCH Air Comm STL base 461.52500? What other frequencies does ARCH use and how do they work? Does the dispatch frequency dispatch ARCH like dispatchers do for public safety, or is it just helicopter operations? Thanks!
  6. spectr17

    LA County Air 7 helo at Brackett Airport in LA Verne CA

    LA County Sheriff Air 7 helo at Brackett Airport in LA Verne CA Some video of LA County Sheriff Air 7 at Brackett Airport. LA County Sheriff Air 7 helicopter taking off at Brackett Airfield in La Verne CA - YouTube
  7. mkewman

    Med Evac Helicopters in Sacramento

    I've been monitoring Med-evac Helicopters for some time on the Public Safety side, and on Helo to Helo frequencies, but I'm trying to get a better understanding of how things work here in Sacramento on the Aviation frequencies, and since I took a little hiatus from the hobby to dedicate more...
  8. cpd204

    Military Helicopters in Chicago!?

    I'm in the south suburbs of Chicago right now and I just saw 2 military chinook helicopters heading North West toward O'Hare. I couldn't find them on my radio scanner so I was wondering, anyone have an idea of where they are heading? I searched the aircraft and military bands in my PRO-163 and...
  9. D

    Richmond, CA police/tactical helicopter frequencies?

    I have little experience monitoring helicopters, but on several occasions the Richmond PD (I think) helicopter has been hovering over/near my workplace. Anyone know what freq they're using, or what range to search? I've used the RadioReference database to program my 396XT, but the helicopter...
  10. nate1992

    pending feed & questions / multiple countys

    Hi i host a feed and i have another one pending the one pending has been pending for about 3days now i requested it under state wide as it covers multiple county and town/city fire dispatches along with state fire ground & us forest service fire ground which leads to my first question Should...
  11. kg4ojj

    Helicopter down - Jacksonville FL

    Aircraft incident (Helicopter down) at Herlong Airport, Jacksonville FL @ 1630 hrs (approximate). Herlong Airport @ Normandy Blvd Unknown type helicopter down on the active runway. Engine 57, 22, 31, Ladder 31, 22, Rescue 33, 32, 22, 17, & 2, Fire (chief) 5 & 6, Safety 2 enroute. Listen on...
  12. 4phun

    Radio Singla from missing NMSP helicopter detected near Santa Fe NM

    Radio Signal from missing NMSP helicopter detected near Santa Fe NM I received this update message from Crisis Alert about 9 AM EDT on 09-10-09 SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) - New Mexico authorities say rescue teams are within a half-mile of the snow-covered mountain area where they expect to find a...
  13. Bote

    Helo crash near Richmond

    I was listening to the Carson, VA CSX railroad feed when the dispatcher said that a helicopter had crashed on [something] Blvd. This was about 23:10 Saturday night. I could not hear the other train or maintainer, so he had to be a good distance away from Carson, likely closer to Petersburg or...
  14. N

    Helicopter Monitoring - NYC

    Hi, I am interested in monitoring civilian helicopter communications around new york city. I know nothing about scanners and need to get up to speed quick. Is there a good store in NYC that can help me with what type of scanner to get and how to use it? Thanks!