1. setuphelper

    Med Helicopter

    I occasionally hear a medical helicopter getting LZ instructions from local fire departments but thats about all. Can someone help me with monitoring helicopter traffic to the hospitals ?, in particular Caldwell Memorial Hospital in Lenoir. I hear ambulance traffic but not the helicopters ...
  2. screenersam

    Flare off SoCo, possible missing hunters

    Around 2000 there was a report of a yellow parachute flare off Janes Island (Crisfield). SoCo marine 4 and 9 responded, as did Trooper 4 and one or more NRP units, possible CG boat. Radio traffic on SoCo, NRP and CG 16 and 21. By 2045 Trooper 4 called off searching and other units followed...
  3. spectr17

    40 King doing video testing in San Bernardino County?

    I'm hearing 40 King talking a lot the past couple days of coverage testing, sounds like they have a video link up and running like LASD and LAPD have. Yesterday they were flying up near Lytle Creek and Bonita falls and passing info on coverage to ground units. More traffic today on a camera...
  4. spectr17

    LA County Sheriff Eurocopter AS 332L1 Super Puma helicopter

    Just got a quick peek of the new LA County Sheriff Eurocopter AS 332L1 Super Puma helicopter. Man are they loud, looks like a Dauphine on steroids. This is the replacement for the old Air 5 rescue SH-3 helos. I'll try and get a peek inside next time at the radios and navaids, from what I've been...
  5. spectr17

    LA County Air 7 helo at Brackett Airport in LA Verne CA

    LA County Sheriff Air 7 helo at Brackett Airport in LA Verne CA Some video of LA County Sheriff Air 7 at Brackett Airport. LA County Sheriff Air 7 helicopter taking off at Brackett Airfield in La Verne CA - YouTube
  6. BCasto

    Asheville Green Peace Protest

    Wake County viper monitors can hear the NCHP helicopter today covering the protest at the power plant in Asheville. TG 28816
  7. Bote

    Helo crash near Richmond

    I was listening to the Carson, VA CSX railroad feed when the dispatcher said that a helicopter had crashed on [something] Blvd. This was about 23:10 Saturday night. I could not hear the other train or maintainer, so he had to be a good distance away from Carson, likely closer to Petersburg or...