help anyone?

  1. W

    RadioShack Pro 18 help with library update on iscan

    I have a Radio Shack pro18 that has never been updated as far as firmware or anything pf that nature due to not really using the radio much because law enforcement in my area is all mainly "E". I did a few library updates from time to time over the years via ISCAN and it seems like i hear...
  2. J

    BCD436HP: BCD436HP

    Hi when I attempt to quick save a TGID I click “yes” and then it says “over limit press any key”. How do I fix this?
  3. Z

    Uniden BCD325P2 help please

    Hello, I live in Bloomington Indiana. Cam someone help me program the p25 so I can listen to police.. not sure how to program a talk group. Uniden BCD325P2 Thank you
  4. JacksonM1007

    HT1000 Motorola HT1000 (Seller Programmed) Program issues

    I bought a near mint HT1000 off of ebay and its programmed by the seller, but some things are programmed incorrectly. i have some youtube videos up asking what the heck is wrong, but make sure to read the description of the videos to better understand what is wrong and what im asking. Edit...
  5. Lon_prepper

    Mesh Networking

    Hello, I am new to ham radio (I'm getting my license at the end of this year hopefully). I've been looking into mesh networking as a possible proposal to my club for ARES and I was wondering if there are any cheaper radios that I could buy that run on the 13cm band, if anyone could give insight...
  6. F

    BCD325P2: need help

    Scanner fell 1 second in water. I was able to get it out quickly, and get it dried off. The scanner cleared all the memory removing all the frequencys. Now I went to my butel software to reload and I get this error, Error creating new system, No Resources available or system type not...
  7. B

    Beofeng uv-5r transmits but no audio

    My work has their own radios but i use my personal radio and just tune into their frequency, anyway i was at work and my radio was fine, i could transmit just fine and receive just fine. Out of nowhere my radio stopped transmitting audio, they could transmit to me and i could hear them, my radio...
  8. E

    i have it programed, now what

    Hello all, I'm really new to all of this. My family had a scanner from the 80s that we used everyday until a few months ago. I got my dad a Uniden BCD996P2 for Christmas. I just got the premium membership so I can easily find the frequencies and everything for my area. I uploaded them to the...
  9. E

    G- series PPS problems?

    I downloaded the G series PPS on Friday and it worked great i opened it 10 times or more, no problems. i go to open it on Saturday and it gives me an error message before opening that says PPS has stopped working, this is as soon as you try to open it. the part for the password never pops up...
  10. D


    I know it looks silly and useless to do this but I'm going to try. However I need help so does anyone know/or can help me at a PayPal donate button to my Notes for me feed!?
  11. I

    Stupid Question (XTS5000)

    Hey everyone, I'm back with another stupid question!!!! I have a bunch of Model I, Model II, and Model III parts (cases, buttons, keypads, LCDs, etc.) and was wondering if I would be able to take the unit itself out of the Model I shell and attach an LCD and keypad to it and pop it into a Model...
  12. C

    UV5R Programming problems

    Hi there, I am new here and really hoping someone can help. I am not new to programming and been doing it for a bit now. I have a UV5R, 2 RMV25, 1 Icom F521 and a few kenwood radios. my problem is the same on all of them. I used to be able to program any of them and now when I click "read from...
  13. F

    2015 Dodge chassis Braun ambulance MDC

    2015 Dodge chassis Braun ambulance MDC HELP PLEASE Hopefully this is the right place to put this... My department recently took delivery of a 2015 Dodge pickup chassis Braun ambulance, which came with a RAM mount for our MDC (Mobile Data Computer). After having it installed by a local up...
  14. B

    Please help! I have a question.

    Advanced Disposal in Muskego got new CB radios in their trucks. They got them just about 3 weeks ago. Does anyone know what the frequencie is? I really want to listen to the drivers talking, I just have no clue what the frequencie is. Thanks,Brandon
  15. E

    police scanner: Dubbo nsw

    Hi dose anyone know what happened to the dubbo police scanner? It was called Dubbo yankee. I cant find it on any of the mobile app police scanners anymore. Any info would be much appreciated. This scanner is greatly missed :( Thanks in advance.
  16. Ranger_Ron01

    BCT8: Oklahoma City Police, Any Help?

    Queston: On my BCT-8 I can get OCPD (Oklahoma City Police) in trucking using the State mode and I get something like, OK 53 744 on the screen. Is there any way, mod or otherwise to save those numbers? The 800 frequencies and talk groups that has listed does not pick up...
  17. TennFordTN

    FRS or MURS?

    I'm new to these forums and recently new to the radio waves but I have a question. MURS or FRS? I own a little more than 100 acres of half-flat, half-hill property with extensive amount of trees and hills. My family and I, and sometimes friends, use this property (or as we call it, the "farm")...
  18. J


    i found this radio on ebay A05B Motorola New Model HT1250LS AAH25RDH9DP5AN 16CH UHF Walkie Talkie Radio | eBay i was hoping that someone would be able to tell me if i cant put these frequencies on it 478.2375 451.850 478.1875 472.96250
  19. S

    Is what my school doing legal

    Alright so i see theres some confusion. The district im talking about is the upper arlington city schools. I do not work there but i am a student. Dont search this yet because they have 5 licences. The frequencie* +452.125 PL 71.9 is used for busses they talk usualy 6:30 am to 8:30 am also...
  20. S

    Uniden bc72xlt having trouble with nyc frequencies

    I've had this scanner for a while now without any problems. I reset it today because half my channels were locked out and had to scroll through all of them one by one to get to my desired channel so I reset it to start over. Now every time I try to enter a frequency from nyc out gives me an...