help reprogramming

  1. P

    Can my Moto xts be reprogramed to work with Moto cp200d

    At my new job we use Motorola cp200 and cp200d uhf radios. I still have my Motorola xts5000 from my prior job. The model xts i have according to the frequency chart / model number identification is - Position 4 - S = Frequency Band470 to 520MHz Position 8 - Primary Operation = Programmable...
  2. B

    Pro-106: Manually putting just a few frequencies in my scanner

    I would like to just put a few frequencies in my scanner from my city but am having trouble, i don't have money to buy a subscription so it downloads it to my scanner for me so im trying to do it manually. could someone "dumb" it down for me? i have all the talkgroup numbers i want to install...
  3. MasterScan40

    Needing Help With WIN500 & PRO197 Digital Scanner set up

    Hello all! Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season! Wondering if I could find someone willing to help me reconfigure my PRO197 Scanner using WIN500? Found new control channels that I'm not sure how to plug in - since the AR rebanding, and I only have Wi-Fi for my laptop whenever I'm...