hex editing

  1. SignalEmitter5000

    Hex Editing XTS1500/2500 900MHz For 33cm Band

    I need some assistance in figuring out how difficult it is in my CPS to hex edit either an XTS1500 or an XTS2500 to operate on the 900MHz spectrum, primarily the 33cm band of 902-928MHz. Can either radio be modified to do the 33cm band? If so, which? I’m trying to get into P25 900MHz via a...
  2. EMT1301

    Enabling Scan on MaxTrac 300

    Hello all, I have searched this forum several times for an answer to this question and have been unable to find it. If I have simply missed it, I apologize. I have a MaxTrac 300 VHF radio that I purchased from eBay. It is model # D43MJA77A3BK. It was a six-channel radio, without scan but...