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  1. U

    HF SDR ssb transceiver

    OUTDOOR and complete VERSION 0.5-30mhz HF bands 20W HF Transceiver QRP SSB CW AM PTT Mic Basic Specifications: Frequency Range: RX: 2.5—30MHz TX: All HAM HF BANDS Operating Mode: SSB, CW, FM, AM (RX Only) Minimum Frequency Step: 1Hz Antenna Impedance: 50ohm Operating Temperature Range: -10℃ -...
  2. BamaScan

    HF Frequencies in The Database

    I have noticed that some HF Frequencies are getting submited to the database as AM. I know that they are not AM Mode and are in fact USB. What is the main reason HF, AM Radio and FM Radio frequencies are not allowed ? I know for a long time Ham Radio FM and UHF Repeater Frequencies were only...
  3. C

    Problem with Grundig Satellit 750 - No Volume - Need Schematic Diagram

    Hello All I'm having problems with the SW receiver Grundig Satellit 750. At first the radio appeared to loose the volume intermittently, then it started to loose the signal for all the bands, now it does not have volume and when it does, it is like is not receiving any signal at all. The SWR...
  4. A

    NORAD НОРАД Vigilant Eagle II Exercise Reminder

    Howdy Just a reminder for those in the Military, Aircraft and HF Forums that the NORAD - НОРАД Vigilant Eagle II Exercise - 7~10 Aug has begun in the Russian Far East. Please kindly post your Russian and USA-Canada (NATO-USAF-CANFORCE) HF Logs to the Military forum...
  5. N

    Help a n00b find a good reciever <$150

    Hello. I'm wanting to get started in the fascinating world of HF monitoring and in particular would like to pick up some local HF transmissions such as the NZ Mountain Radio Service and HF Maritime radio and some international utility services such as Number Stations, Maritime stations...