1. I

    Can I listen to HFD/HPD With a P25 Compatible Scanner?

    Well, I was looking through the Hamilton frequencies. I know the Hamilton Fire - Simplex ( 868.45000 ) is encrypted, but what about these other frequencies? I clicked on Hamilton Project 25 Phase 1 and noticed these other frequencies like HFD Dispatch, TAC 2, TAC 3, TAC 4, TAC 5. Are these...
  2. T04KLH9PW7AN

    Houston, TX - City PD joins county radio network.

    HPD flips the switch May 7th. HPD joins county radio network - Your Houston News: News
  3. invhoutx

    Houston Fire Department Pager Tones

    Does anyone have any information on HFDs pager tones? RR has them listed as EMS TONE TONE A 1500.0 TONE B 800.0 FIRE TONE TONE A 1000.0 TONE B 1000.0. What frequency are they transmitted on? What exactly do they use these tones to dispatch? Any insight would be appreciated.