1. zacabo

    XTL5000 High Power w/ W3 Control Head

    I recently purchased a headless XTL 5000 high power. I changed the control head from an 05 to a W3 HHCH. The W3 will allow me to change the channel and volume. When I key up the radio it will transmit the MDC info but the microphone doesn't seem to pick up any sound. I have searched the forums...
  2. M

    XPR5550 HHCH extension cable - HDMI?

    Hey All, Installing an XPR5550 into my truck. I've got the handheld control head (PLMN7131A) and need to get about 3 feet more on the cable to mount the radio where I'd like. The /\/\othership sells a 16 foot extension cable, which is going to be WAY too much cable (and money). Looking at...
  3. A

    Trying to locate an ASTRO Spectra UHF Srecord

    Good morning everyone. I am searching for an Srecord to convert an ASTRO Spectra from a D04RKF9PW5AN to a W3. I have a few 800 mid power W3's I can pull the interconnect/faceplates from and the W3 HHCH's. (I've swapped the dim green display LED's out with red ones and it makes them much easier...
  4. A

    HHCH W3 Question

    I have an Astro Spectra D04UJH9PW3AN dash mount 800 with W3 head. I wanted to put the radio in the trunk. I was told I needed a HLN6092A cable. I got the cable and tested this before install and the W3 doesn't work. I'm not sure if this helps but I have also found that the W3 I have is...
  5. P

    2013 Sierra Install

    I realized that though I have posted some pictures of components here and there, I haven't really posted anything about the how it's coming together as a whole and after reading brewerywgn1's 2004 Sierra-Redux. Anyway, here goes nothing. So I started with a mostly stock (one of the previous...