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  1. I

    TK-890 remote won't power up unless I put ground to control head Pin 3

    Just inherited half a dozen high power TK-890 remote single band single head radios with KCH11 heads to manage for our local ham group. Applying power to the input lead had no effect. On the 9 pin drawer side of the radio there were two wires coming off of it: Pins 2 & 3 spliced together...
  2. KK4LQX

    Motorola ASTRO Spectra

    Hello All, I have just acquired the following radio: Model No: T99DX+091W_ASTRO ID No: T04KLF9PW4AN (info from BSM) T = Trunk-Mounted Mobile Radio 04 = ASTRO K = 146 to 178MHz L = 61 to 110 Watts F = Limited Keypad; With Display...