1. wcoriston

    HT750 Lowband and Highband Pair. Last chance 150 shipped for both!

    Pair of HT750 Lowband (35-50) and Highband portables. Both in new safety green cases, with new antennas, and recently aligned. Both have aftermarket micro usb charging lithium batteries on them. Can program before shipping. Paypal, Venmo, or cash face to face. Feel free to text 845-616-9732
  2. Salvatorejrc

    Rooftop Suggestions

    What rooftop antenna models work nicely for VHF and UHF low? Any suggestions for ways to elevate the antenna signifigantly higher than my roof? Thanks
  3. N

    Rutherford / Davidson County I-24 West High Speed Chase on 8/25 - 8/26

    I saw about ten Rutherford County Sheriff's Deputies chasing a vehicle down I-24 West in Rutherford County tonight around 12:15 a.m. or so. I immediately pulled up my scanner app on my phone. Speeds reached 100 MPH. Metro had spikes set up at Harding Rd., but the car exited at Bell Rd before...
  4. Z

    High Point, NC - Police Talkgroup Change?!?!

    Anyone have any idea what the new PD talkgroups are for High Point, NC?