1. R

    Public Safety Home Monitoring Hobby

    Im guessing i cant be the only one who's hobby is monitoring the traffic cam, CAD and radio, for fun. My girlfriend thinks its a weird hobby, but hey, at least its not expensive. Well, i take that back. Who else has this hobby and gets those funny looks from your wife? Heres my public safety...
  2. Danny37

    How do women in your lives react to your hobby of radios

    Statically speaking scanner, radios, ham radio tends to be a male dominated hobby. How do the women in your life react to your hobby? Do they think its weird, fascinating, whatever or actually join you in the hobby. This can be your wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters etc. My mom thought it was...
  3. WX9RLT

    Rockford Scanner

    (Mods, Please Sticky) Rockford Scanner is a website that scanner hobbyist can get together and listen to live scanner audio (from RR) and get freq. and codes. It is a scanner club, for everyone in and around the Rockford area. Check it out at Rockford Scanner Already 17 members, and more...