1. Salvatorejrc

    SDS100 Site hold

    Whenever I put in a zip code to cherry pick certain frequencies that I want to add to a favorites list, it always site holds a certain channel at some point of me scrolling, and I don't know how to undo this. Has anyone else ever dealt with this?
  2. iceman382

    BCD996P2: Hold on System...Lockout The Rest

    Is there a way to hold on particular system and scan the whole system, while locking out the rest of the programmed systems? I'm not talking about just pressing the hold/resume key which would only hold on a single frequency or talk group ID. I'm referring to locking out all systems and just...
  3. JWJ

    BCD436HP Hold Indicator

    I realize the 436HP does say "HOLD" on LCD screen when you are holding, however at times I notice radio is less busy than expected, and I discover I have accidently hit hold button. I would like for LED such as the close call ID to be on whenever hold is being used, so you do not have to read...
  4. J

    BCD996XT: "Hold" on Systems/Groups

    When I put my BCD996XT on "Hold" it only seems to hold on the particular system I was scanning, it still scans through the groups within that system. Anyway to make it hold on the System AND Group so I only hear radio traffic on a specific talkgroup?
  5. Eastie

    PRO-164 // Holding down the WX button

    When holding down the "WX" button for 2 seconds on the PRO-164 it shows "SKY Ch 999 Not Programmed 0.000000" What is this? Thanks, Eastie