home patrol 2

  1. W

    Is there a manual way to add talk group to Home Patrol 2 ?

    Waterloo PD is now on its own talk group it was on Monroe County Sheriff TG prior , how do I enter it manually in to my Home Patrol 2 or do I just list new TG with the forum so it can be recognized? 1f3d. 7997 Thank you Bill H Waterloo IL
  2. Drkatzjr42

    HP-2: HP-2 Has Uniden Forgotten about this unit?

    I must say, I am very disappointed in home patrol-2 It seems that Uniden is no longer providing firmware updates, as I know they have bigger fish to fry I listen to a P25 in the 160 to 170mhz range My SDS 100 and 200 pick up the signal perfectly… The HP-2 struggles. I have tried every...
  3. dbsar

    HP-2: Home Patrol 3 ?

    Hello, the crux of my question is when does Uniden normally release new models? I understand the consumer electronics show is going on this week. I also know it’s been several years since the Home Patrol 2 came out. Just wondering if there might be a Home Patrol 3 on the near horizon? Part two...
  4. L

    I like my HP2

    Actually, I love it. Good reception with rubber antenna and now has great reception with Discone. I love the record and playback feature. Volume is excellent. I was concerned about that since I don't hear like I used too but no worries. I don't even have it on full volume if I'm next to it...
  5. A

    P25 Programming HP2 and BCD436HP

    Hi! I will try to make this post as short as possible. Back in December I bought two Uniden scanners, a BCD436HP and a HomePatrol 2. I’ve since been trying to get them to work with a local police P25 system. With the help of the BCD436HP (and the FCC website) I was able to identify...
  6. K1IWN

    BCD536HP: Sentinel - avoid channels clear with each update

    Every time I run an update for the database with the BCD536HP, any channel that I have set for permanent avoid clears out, and I have to manually reset each one as they pop up again. This also applies when I update my HP-2. I suspect there is a way to keep those avoids alive, I just haven't...
  7. S

    HP-2: Living with encryption

    I hope this thread is in the right place. My first post. I was a scanner fan until my AR8200 died a couple of years ago, and did not stay informed as to what was happening in NJ. After wrestling with setting up a AR8200, getting a HomePatrol-2 was a dream come true for ease of use. I was so...
  8. T

    Home Patrol 2 Sedgwick County

    I am new to the scanner world and have purchased a Home Patrol 2. I have worked with the Sentinel software to create a favorites list to include the West Wichita PD, Goddard, Andale, and Colwich police. Loaded this to the scanner and scanning, however not picking anything up. I am located...