home patrol-2

  1. R

    536HP vs Home Patrol

    Hi, folks. I'll admit I am a few scanners behind the times. I have two 996Ts and a 396T. I would like to upgrade. I have been searching the forums for a good comparison between the 536hp and the HP2, but am unable to locate one. I am having trouble understanding what the biggest differences...
  2. Danny37

    HP-2 or BCD436HP for a travel scanner?

    So I'm in a dilemma, I am a proud owner of the homepatrol-1 for 2 years but with systems migrating to P25 phase 2 across the country, I want to sell my HP-1 and buy either a HP-2 or bCd436HP for my travel needs. Will be mostly monitoring in my hotel room and a little in the car (I like my road...