home patrol scanner

  1. B

    Newbie general antenna question

    I just purchased a Home Patrol 1 scanner and am in the process of picking a mobile antenna out for it. My question is, is there a specification to compare when trying to find out which has a better distance to pick up signals? Sorry for my lack of better wording, I couldn't think of a better way...
  2. B

    Digital scanner antenna suggestions

    I just purchased a Home Patrol 1 scanner to use in my vehicle and am curious for suggestions on the best antenna to use for a Phase 1 system as well as some older analog frequencies. I would prefer a NMO mount which I already have. Thanks for all advice.
  3. Danny37

    Indoor scanner recommendation

    Hello, I was hoping someone can steer me in the right direction. First off, I recently moved to an apartment that has very strict restrictions and I can't mount any antenna outside the window or on the roof, I can't even have an ac unit in the window because it looks "bad" and ruins the...
  4. G

    home patrol one help!!!

    I am just a rookie when it comes to police scanners. I have recently bought a uniden home patrol one. The symptom I have been having is that when I program a certain station into my scanner it never does anything. I have never downloaded sentenial, there for I have not updated the scanner since...
  5. G

    home patrol trouble

    I am a very avid scanner listener and am just a rookie when it comes to scanners. I just recently bought a home patrol one scanner and have had trouble getting some cities around me. I know a couple use Open Sky and there is no way around that. But for example when I program the state police in...
  6. FoxHunter44

    Home Patro Scanner Owners

    Is there any new Home Patrol scanner owners in Minnesota that wish to compare notes?