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  1. HomePatrol HP-2 Phase 1&2 - Extras - Warranty till 4/2021

    HomePatrol HP-2 Phase 1&2 - Extras - Warranty till 4/2021

    HomePatrol HP-2 - 4 Antennas - stock and 3 others. - 32gb Upgraded SD card - record more. - USB Programming cable - SMA to BNC adapter - Wall Plug to charge - Rechargeable Batteries - Stand - Advanced Menu Upgrade $49 value Sorry no manual( online - download) Works Great - Warranty till 4/2021...
  2. Uniden Home Patrol - II for Sale $325

    Uniden Home Patrol - II for Sale $325

    Hello All, I'm looking to sale my Uniden Home Patrol II. The scanner is in like new condition and has no issues. The item will be shipped with all cost covered in the purchase price. I accept PayPal and will provide you with a tracking number upon shipping. The scanner comes with all...
  3. W

    HP-2: Should I return? Is it broken?

    I recently purchased a used uniden homepatrol-2 scanner off of ebay for $289.99. It was described as being in very good condition. The scanner looked fine, but the reception is horrible. The scanner will scan, but cuts out after a few seconds of radio action. I only live 20 minutes away from...
  4. k5dxm

    Homepatrol II

    Can anyone guide me in passing to Broadcastify alpha tags with my Homepatrol II? Thank you in advance.
  5. 155604

    HomePatrol Sentinel update

    Hello all, I opened Sentinel today to update and re configure some of my lists when the program told me there was a newer version and I was required to download it. I clicked on the link provided and it sent me to HomePatrolSentinel < HomePatrol < TWiki which is the 2014 update. Does...
  6. rvacs

    BCT15X: BCT15X/HomePatrol GPS BC-GPSK Power Question

    Hello All, I have the Uniden BC-GPSK - GPS Cable. (And adapter cable for HP-II) Also thinking on getting a BCT15x for a trip to try it out for Bearcat Warning System.(BWS) Does the BC-GPSK - require Power? Is there another brand that does not require power? Also can the BCGPSK be used with...
  7. cavitt

    Home Patrol II Clock Issue

    My HP-2 is requiring a clock reset every blessed time I power it on. I saw a thread earlier where I thought there would be an option to turn off the clock, but it does not appear to be an option on my scanner. I have updated it (firmware is the latest) and replaced the batteries. Nothing...
  8. A

    HP-2: Connecting to audio system

    I am trying to figure out how I can hook up a HP2 scanner to my audio system and leverage my speakers. I have a Yamaha RX-V673. But it doesn't have a "line in" interface. Has anyone tried something similar? any suggestions? Thanks,
  9. C

    Do both versions of the HomePatrol support the RWC?

    I'm looking at the wikis, and the page on the RWC states that HomePatrol can receive the RWC, but not the HP2. The HP2's page also mentions that it can pick up P25 Phase II, but doesn't mention Phase I. I'm looking for a scanner that can pick up the system, since my BC796D Can't hear it and is a...
  10. P

    BCD396XT, BCD436HP or HomePatrol 2 for New Hampshire

    I'm completely new to scanners but do understand the basics. Portability is my number one goal so narrowing down to the three units above. My drive is mostly within NH and sometimes venture out to Maine & Mass but not often. Looking at the database APCO 25 Phase II is not something I need to...
  11. sailor34957

    Received my HP 2 and love it

    Thanks to all I read on this forum I chose to purchase a HP2. It was $629 on Amazon and shipped form BetterWayToBuy Monday. Arrive my house in Raleigh two days later. Could not be happier. Also after doing all the research in this forum and the internet I felt very comfortable setting it up...