1. K2NEC

    CP200d new design!

    So Motorola came out with a new CP200d design because the PTT would constantly break and they were *probably* tired of getting complaints from people. The new design has the PTT stick out a little more which makes it easier to press and it seems they reinforced the spot where the PTT would break...
  2. T

    XPR 6550 TORX™ T6 screwdriver

    Hello, I am needing to open my 6550 to change the housing. Will the following screw driver work for the screws. https://www.amazon.ca/Torx-Screwdriver-Set-T10-T15/dp/B00CL6UAAG What does everyone recommend. Thanks, AP
  3. N

    Minitor 3 housings

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy aftermarket minitor 3 housings?