1. W

    Antenna on my roof - need information

    I'm a disabled veteran and I am wanting to put a wire aerial on my roof. I have some help for installing it, but I need advice on what I need to acquire to get this project done. I plan on using two tripod roof brackets, one at each end of the 70 foot ridgeline, and each fitted with a 5 foot...
  2. WX9RLT

    FTM-400 & The ISS

    Does anyone know how to set up the FTM-400 so we can do packets with the ISS? In depth tutorial would be awesome :) We have searched the net with no results :(
  3. dbar

    NEW USER PRO-137 Skimpy Manual-How To Questions Not Addressed by Manual

    Seeking help using the Pro-137 scanner. I got the scanner for my boyfriend, but I’m the one figuring out how to use it. I am not a radio enthusiast and know little to nothing about them. Scanner was bought to use at Riverhead Raceway on Long Island just to hear the drivers. I figured out...