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    Houston P25 Simulcast Multipath Distortion

    I'm located just beyond southeast Houston and monitor Houston Police and Fire on the Houston General Government Services Simulcast site of TxWarn P25. Like many others who have posted here, I'm experiencing severe multipath distortion in my reception. I'd estimate less than 20% of the...
  2. T04KLH9PW7AN

    Houston, TX - City PD joins county radio network.

    HPD flips the switch May 7th. HPD joins county radio network - Your Houston News: News
  3. R

    Houston Codes

    Does anybody know what any of the 10 codes that are used by the Houston Police Department? I hear all kinds of stuff that I do not understand and have been trying to figure out these little codes for about a year and a half. Also they use Code 1 (which I think means respond with no lights and no...
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    Police Chase Houston Tx 2/16/09

    I was driving southbound on I-45 and when all of a sudden it broke out on the northbound side. There were so many agencies involved and I was jumping between the sheriff, constable, hpd, etc. And was pretty close to where the suspect turned over a police car when they passed me on the other...