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    Hunterdon County Fire Frequencies ??'s

    Alright so this has been bothering me for awhile while scanning Hunterdon but i never got around to address it. I have the entire Hunterdon fire/ems system programmed into one group on my 996xt. When Com center puts a dispatch out i pick it up on multiple channels (AMBO 5 UHF, HC Fire 1, 1LB, &...
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    Clinton Township, Hunterdon County *Line of Duty Death*

    A New Jersey Forrest Fire Service member was killed in the line of duty today during a controlled burn at Round Valley Reservoir. The member was struck by another vehicle. Smoke and wind shifts are presumed to be contributing factors...
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    Warren County Fire Box Alarm Dispatch Style?

    Today i heard a fire call go out in Greenwich Township. The dispatcher dispatched it as a "Box Alarm" almost exactly like Hunterdon does. Requesting a specific piece of equipment from each station on the initial dispatch. I have never heard this before from Warren County. The dispatcher seemed...
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    Hunterdon UHF Repeater

    For those who scan Hunterdon, if you don't already have it, add 470.9875 DPL243 to your scan list. They were working a race in High Brigde (I think) this morning on that repeater. It sounded like they were actually using the UHF repeater and it wasn't cross banded to anything.