1. EllisT

    Huntington Co. Police

    Good afternoon, I was wondering if anyone had luck monitoring Huntington County Pa Police Frequencies on the UHF band. On the RR page, it shows partial encryption. I was wondering which parts were encrypted and if anything on it is unencrypted? Monitoring from Fulton Co, but I generally get good...
  2. B

    Huntington Counrt

    Anyone know what has happened to HC city and county? I haven't heard them for days on the 800 Mhz SAFE-T?
  3. APX6k

    HB State Beach Park Rangers

    Hello all! I was curious if anyone in Orange County regularly monitors the CA State Park Rangers at Huntington State Beach. If so, is there regular activity and on what frequencies/channels? How is the coverage throughout OC on the 800 conventional system? I'm aware the CCCS is encrypted on all...
  4. hfd7

    Huntington, West Virginia

    I am requesting that Administration add the city of Huntington to the database and link map of the state of West Virginia. Huntington is the second largest city in the state and feeds are active and are provided for the fire and police departments as well as Marshall University police...
  5. A

    Huntington, WV

    Hello, I thought I would pass along that I have setup a feed that covers Huntington, WV and portions of Lawrence County, Ohio over at Scanner can be accessed from either of these links