1. S

    IC-R5 USB Cable

    I've got an IC-R5 I haven't used in years and I'd like to start using it again. If memory serves my programming cable was a D-Sub cable (I can't find it). I only have Windows 7 PC with USB ports now. Where can I buy a USB cable (or good instructions to make one) that will work with the IC-R5...
  2. N

    Which would you buy?

    I am interested in a hand held scanner. which would you buy Bearcat BC246T or Icom ic-r5 and why would it be the best choice ?
  3. BuiltonAsus


    New to the ICOM thread, and hope this is a simple question, but is there a way to determine what version (US vs. Non or blocked vs. unblocked) the R5 would be. Unfortunately I don't have the radio in hand, so I would need to instruct someone else as to how to figure out what version it would...