1. Icom IC-R6-Reduced

    Icom IC-R6-Reduced

    "Sport" Wideband Handheld Receiver 100kHz-1300 MHz (cell blocked) AM-FM-WFM (no SSB), 1300 memories. #06002060. Virtually unused since purchased from Universal. In "like new" condition. Intended for 2 AA battery power (box did not include AC adapter). BuTel ARC6 software programming key included...
  2. longbch

    R6 Icom IC-R6 notes

    Hello, I've searched this forum for some R6 notes and thought I'd share what I have for my R6. I've had the R10, R2 and R5 in the past and made a nice deal for a barely used R6 at a recent hamfest. Here is what I have. Please reply with any updates for corrections to the edge frequencies and...
  3. U

    Uploading data to R6 using ARC6--get CL ERR

    Hi, just got the OPC-478UC cable and ARC6 license. I properly installed both onto Windows 7 (ICOM USB Drivers 1.3) and I was able to download data from the R6. When I attempted to upload, I get a CL ERR on the R6 after a power cycle, all the data is lost. I tried with Turbo mode enabled and...
  4. U

    programming software for IC-R6

    newbie user. Just picked up an IC-R6 a while back and I am looking for software. I thought ICOM had a package, but I can't find on icomamerica.com. I have been poking around Radio Reference and found the software page, but did see any for the IC-R6 outside of Arc6. Are there others that are...
  5. joefil

    Programming the IC-R6 with Butel ARC 6 Software

    I have a newly purchased Icom IC R6 receiver, Icom cloning cable as well as the Butel Software. The information on how to use this software regarding uploading data is scant to non existant in the Radio user manual and the ARC 6 help file. A call to ICOM was not any more enlightening. I can not...