1. peq387ab

    ICom V-8000 Programming Software Problem With USB Programming Cable

    I have a V-8000 Radio and then I have CS-8000 programming software that I purchased. I downloaded the software, but I'm having problems trying to clone or program my radio, for some reason the radio or programming cable are having troubles communicating. I've set the COM Port to "1" which isn't...
  2. P

    icom ic-v8000 low rf power emission

    Hi All, I just bought 01 icom ic-v8000 mobile and it's having a strange behavior. Suddenly, the emitted RF power it's not going over 38W at 144-148 Mhz band. Useless to say that I checked whatever is related with antenna feeding, cabling, power supply and so on? Do u belive that is possible that...