icom r30

  1. Icom IC-R30: Updated Listing, Now $375 (SOLD)

    Icom IC-R30: Updated Listing, Now $375 (SOLD)

    UPDATE: 4/5/2021: SOLD! UPDATE: 4/5/2021: Sale pending. UPDATE: 4/3/2021: Price is now $375. Includes shipping to you in the United States (or free pickup if you're in Phoenix, AZ). Hello folks, I recently sold my Uniden SDS100 here, but divorce lawyers are expensive so I'm down to selling my...
  2. deim

    Universal Scanner Audio Player

    Hi guys! Today I want to introduce my new app Universal Scanner Audio Player ( old name UnidenWavPlayer Uniden wav files player and organizer) Now support AOR DV-10, ICOM R30, Uniden 436/536/sds100/sds200/homepatrol, Whistler TRX1/TRX2 audio files. New player engine. Extended filter...
  3. ICOM IC-R30 Receiver **SOLD**

    ICOM IC-R30 Receiver **SOLD**

    I purchased this new. Includes all that you see. The rechargeable battery only has 12 cycles on it. This Receiver is amazing at receiving P25 and NXDN. Some accessories were never used. FREE Shipping USPS Priority Shipping to CONUS only. No returns unless DOA -