1. V

    How to add battery icon? (SDS100)

    On the SDS 100, i see in the customize screen a battery indicator icon, and I have seen some YouTube vids where other owners have this displaying. How do you do that? I can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks in advance for the responses and anxiously awaiting instructions.
  2. Deziel0495

    New Stereo Feed Icon

    I'm curious of people's thoughts of possibly implementing a stereo feed icon (similar to the alpha tags icon) to distinguish mono feeds from stereo feeds. Sure, providers describe feeds as stereo in their description (or they should) but I think a small icon beside the feed name would be ideal...
  3. wa2chj

    KG-UV8D Newer Version

    I just received a newer version KG-UV8D with firmware 1.03 that has the 2.5 kHz steps, etc. It also has the two green buttons on the front panel. It has newer/different icons on the LCD display not explained in the manual that came with the radio, and I haven't been able to find any info on...
  4. kc8mln

    GMRS Badge

    Ok, so I had mentioned this in another forum, but didnt seem to get any response about it....so, I'l make my own post here for this... I love being and amateur radio op and I'm proud to be a licensed ham and have my callsign. I also love that we can now have a "badge icon" on our profiles to...