id tracker

  1. N

    Control channel and ids sharing

    i have some doubts in p25 programmig In my city i found like 10 control channels on 800 mhz, i asumed that are control channels because my scanner show DAT on the screen, i put them in the same system, my question if i did to put the freqs all in one site or in a differents ones, i ask this...
  2. bperry46

    BCT8 Audio Recording Software (Scanner Recorder Pro, ID Tracker, ScanControl)

    I usually try to figure things out by myself, but I am beginning to pull my hair out with this problem. I am trying to record audio with tagging of the frequencies from my BCT8 that I recently upgraded to. In the past I've used Scanner Recorder Pro, so I thought if I got a scanner with a data...
  3. Northerner71

    What are people using?

    I am curious to know what people are using out there? I am running ID Tracker V1.5.1 on a Inspiron 5100 using my PSR 500 with a splitter. One line records and the other feeds speakers. I also run Trunk88 V4.84 on my Gateway Mseries laptop feed by a tapped Pro 70 I monitor my local...