1. beaker7

    Any update of the Idaho Fire/EMS/Police Frequencies?

    Hey y'all I used to listen to the Ada County radio frequencies in Idaho but it sounds like they switch to a P25 7/800Mhz system. Does any one have any info on the frequencies and such?
  2. K

    Idaho Scanner laws and doing live scanner feeds

    I was thinking of doing a live feed of our local law enforcement, but it seems that it is illegal, or at least that is how I read it. your thoughts? Short of having a letter from the agencies authorizing such rebroadcast. TITLE 18 CRIMES AND PUNISHMENTS CHAPTER 67 COMMUNICATIONS SECURITY...
  3. G

    Idaho Life Flight Freq

    Anyone know what Freq Life Flight of Idaho is now using?
  4. M

    Digital frequencies

    I am a scanner newby in Blackfoot, ID. I have a Uniden BCD996T. I am trying to program in the county's digital frequencies - sheriff dispatch. I suspect that the frequencies listed in RR are the old analog frequencies and not the new digital frequencies. Can anyone help?