1. F

    DSDPlus Sites/SiteLoader Files & iDAS NXDN - SOLVED/FIXED!!

    As the subject says, I am asking about the Sites/SiteLoader Files with an iDAS NXDN system ( Signature Wireless Group iDAS Multitrunk (Bay Area) Trunking System, San Rafael, California - Scanner Frequencies ). I can not get the Sites/SiteLoader files to properly recognize the sites I have...
  2. M

    IDAS configuration

    Hi, I don't have Idas choice in the zone configuration on my CS-F3160/F5060 software. Is it because I don't have the good software for my radio? The radio is an IC-F4161DS. I'm trying to setup a idas frequency and nothing seam to work. Thanks for your help.
  3. V


    Please Note NXDN NXCOre servers for Kenwood nexedge and Icom IDAS repeaters have been setup, and are also intergrated with the new mmdvm NXDN system for VK NXDN systems countrywide. New high speed servers have been setup in Sydney. Audio quality is exceptional. Please email vk4tux regarding...
  4. R

    dsdplus does not decode this signal

    Hello! I've been trying to decode this signal for some time, which I think is dpmr gone but the dsdplus does not decode it. Have if among all we can and so add more systems to the decoding. Attachment web link download copy and paste in the browser. Thanks greetings...
  5. S

    Kenwood NextEdge/Icom IDAS for Conventional Networked Systems?

    So I know that running conventional, the radios are compatible and that the trunking systems are not. However, what about the conventional networked systems like the Icom IDAS LinqRepeat and LinqRepeat+? Same for the Kenwood Conventional IP Network system and the Subscriber Voting feature on...
  6. Z

    NXDN Trunking on DSD

    Is there a way to tell the difference between type "C" trunking (Kenwood) and type "D" Trunking (IDAS) in DSD Plus. I put the 3 system frequencies in the scanner and there is no continuous control channel data stream & the bottom of the window where the talkgroup information is shows "NEXEDGE48...
  7. D

    New IDAS System Questions Icom or Kenwood

    I am looking very seriously at switching my business from analog VHF to NXDN VHF, I have a couple questions that I hope you all can help with: *What are the benefits of going Icom instead of Kenwood ? (F-5061 removable faceplate is a big plus for us but I can seem to find any other real...
  8. B

    Kenwood NXR-710 IP network compatibility with Icom IDAS

    I am curious if anyone has any experiance with using Icom Digital IDAS radios on a Kenwood nexedge IP conventional digital networked repeater system? I am not talking about the trunking portion, but the digital conventional side. Thankyou everyone!
  9. traumacop

    Nexedge audio

    I am preparing to install a Nexedge repeater at an existing site. I'm looking for an audio sample of an existing site that I can use for training presentation. Can someone upload a clip or point me to a RR audio feed that uses Nexedge. I know Kenwood and Icom have examples on their sites, but...
  10. I

    IDAS pre-buy questions

    After a few weeks, we had very good testing results w iCOM digital HTs (ICF4161D) at the local office. Exceptional audio clarity in digital simplex mode compared to when we step back to the analogue world repeaters. So the boss said it's time to step up to IDAS Repeaters! Btw, the digital...