1. S

    Receive Alpha Tags/Identifiers with SDR#

    Is it possible to Receive Alpha Tags/Identifiers with the SDR# software ? I use this software to transmit my feed, any help would be appreciated ! Thanks
  2. SlipNutz15

    Identifiers on P25?

    Identifiers on digital conventional/P25? My county is switching to a digital radio system (non-trunked) and I was wondering how the county would know who is transmitting. Does P25 have identifiers (PTTID) like MDC1200 or is there something else that digital radios do that the console...
  3. B

    Programming Motorola MTS 2000

    Hi I have a question. I am completely new to radio programming and I understand if you guys dont want to explain things to a newb. But I am wondering if atleast you can point me to the right direction for doing this. I work for a police department and we have a bunch of handheld Motorola...
  4. NgoraSweatr

    Jan. 1 changes - Berks County

    As I have it right now, there will be a few changes to remember come Midnight tonight concerning Berks County. 1. Kenhorst Borough will be covered by the Reading Police as of 12:01am. Cumru Township's contract with the borough expires at Midnight. 2. St. Lawrence Borough will be covered by...