1. D

    Wildcards and IDs

    I hope this makes sense and can get an explanation from someone. I'm learning about trunking systems, Id's ect. Anyways I'm using win500 and when I uploaded freqs from RR to my ws1065 I set most everything to wildcards. I'm getting police traffic on fire IDs and and the reverse on other IDs...
  2. J

    DPD / DFD / EMS Code Language

    I have been reading some posts on the various PD/FD/EMS "10-" codes, Denver District IDs, and other Code #'s. Thank you all who posted to the links listed below. As a curious listener, I have figured out most of these, but I am wondering if anyone out there can direct me to a comprehensive...
  3. NN2B

    Translating Motorola IDs into Real Names

    Are my fire department's handheld XTS2500s capable of holding a database of names that would translate the hexadecimal ID number of an incoming radio in to a name? When another firefighter transmits, my chief would like to see the firefighter's name display on our radio's LCD. Right now it...
  4. sheriff205

    Milwaukee County pro 164 HELP ME!!!!

    hi all i live in Milwaukee County and i need help with programing my pro 164 with Milwaukee County 800 freq. and i have tryed reading the Easier to Read Pro-97/2055 Scanner Manual. and that made ir HARDER to understand how to program the trunked freq for Milwaukee County, jail ,and other...
  5. R

    Story County trunked system ID's

    Does anyone happen to have or know where to find names to the IDs for the Story County Motorola Type IIi Hybrid system Scanner Frequencies: Story County Trunking System, Ames, Iowa. I have all whats listed but I have ID search on and its churning up all sorts but no one transmitting is giving...
  6. twjr2004

    Garland Texas Trunk ID change?

    * DISREGARD *Garland Texas Trunk ID change? ******************ok, disregard this. Must be my scanner playing tricks with me.*******************************