illinois state police

  1. T

    STARCOM Help

    Is it possible to add just ISP Districts 12 & 13 to a Uniden Bearcat BCD536HP using Sentinel without adding all of the ISP districts around the state? And, if so, how? I can get the ISP if I use our zip code, but when I attempt to add the ISP's STARCOM network using Sentinel to a FL created...
  2. D

    Starcom 21 Question

    So I'm admittedly new to the digital trunking side of scanning, although I've owned a scanner for the last 15 years or so. I'm coming from a BCT15X and am trying to program a BCD996P2 using ARC-XT. My question is this: if I import the programming through ACT-XT's radioreference option and I...
  3. J

    ISP "Ida" Codes

    Hey everyone; I'm looking for a list of ISP Ida (Incident) Codes. We hear them all the time, such as Ida 9004, which I have come to figure out is assist other agency. Does anyone have a list of these, or can we compile a list?
  4. J

    StarCom 21 Setup

    Hey everyone; I am not tech savvy at all, but would like to buy a scanner that would allow me to listen to the Illinois State Police District 12. 1. What scanner would you recommend? 2. What frequencies would I need / talk group? I appreciate all of your help. I've looked through a couple...
  5. Linneweh

    ISP Zone/Dist scanning on P25

    I would like to program my BCD396XT for the Illinois State Police by Zone and/or District, for traveling in the state. My question is how do I decide which “sites” I need to put in, to cover the Zone/Districts? I tried using the whole state “site” list, but the scan time...
  6. medic29

    StarComm21 help

    Good morning. I apologize if these questions have been asked before and/or if I am posting this in the wrong forum. I'm not new to scanners by any means, I've been using them since the early 80's, back in the day when you had to purchase a crystal for each frequency you wanted to listen to and...
  7. n9fam

    Illinois law will ban audio feeds of Illinois State Public Safety traffic

    Beware. The State of Illinois has a new law in the works that would criminalize posting StarCom21 audio (and possibly even email discussion of same). It is on the fast track. It is House Bill HB5194. Follow the following link to the text. Illinois General Assembly - Bill Status for HB5194