1. W

    Freescan: FreeSCAN on Minty Wine, lockup[ importing from RR & crashing upload / download

    Hi all, Working on updating my BC396XT with a laptop Running Mint Linux 18 and Wine (32-bit prefix per instructions here on RR). Same setup works on another laptop running Windows7 (64-bit). So far communications with the radio and edit features of FreeSCAN 2.17 & 2.18-beta6 are working...
  2. T

    How to import FCC frequencies to PRO 668

    Wondering what the most efficient way to import frequencies from the FCC database to my pro 668 using iscan. is there a way to go throught and pick all the businesses i want and whatnot and get them in? i would do it manually but theres hundreds in my county that i want to put into indiviual...
  3. LostnFound

    iScan Software

    Does iScan software have the ability to import Canadian content or is it only restricted to USA?
  4. R

    Aspectos legales y aduanales (legal and customs issues)

    Hola. Me gustaria saber si alguien tiene informacion respecto al uso legal de escaners en Mexico, asi como de su importacion desde E.U. o Europa. Ya indague en E.U. y no hay problema para exportarlo si esta en su caja original y es nuevo, pero no me garantizaron que aduana u otros lo dejaran...