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    Motorola IMPRES 2 Single Unit charger discontinued ??

    Hoping some of the MOTO historians can chime in here. I looked up the model number on my IMPRES 2 charger (apx variety). Only to find that Model # NTN8845A is discontinued. The current impres 2 single unit charger part numbers are below. Part Numbers NNTN8860 - (115 Vac) NNTN8863- (100-240...
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    APX IMPRES 2 Recondition Loop

    I have a new PMNN4486A being charged in a new NNTN8845A IMPRES 2 charger. When I insert the battery it, the LED goes orange as it has never been conditioned before. Once the the conditioning is finished it'll charge and display red LED. After a few hours when it seems like it is about to start...