1. indepmo

    Independence Missouri Policee switch to total encryption

    08/02/2013 This morning Independence Missouri Police switched to total encryption for all police traffic. Scanner owners are still able to monitor Fire and other city services. I was notified by officers that the move was done due to smart phone listeners and their ability to monitor IPD's...
  2. conrad314

    Kansas City Skywarn Internet feeds ????

    I'm wondering if anyone knows of any online feeds for Skywarn in the Kansas CIty area? I find it hard to believe out of all of the metro skywarn fregs. no one is streaming them. About half the time I would enjoy listening, i'm stuck at work and can't bring my scanner in.
  3. indepmo

    Independence Missouri PD/FD now streaming on rr

    Independence Missouri PD/FD streaming on RR. Please provide any feedback.