1. CQ

    TRX-2: Paging Intermod

    My new TRX-2 has awful paging intermod on the Ham 2m and 150Mhz band. I've never had this issue with my receivers, other scanners, SDR and even Ham gear. They're all sitting in the same area. Anyone else suffering this issue?
  2. F

    Identifying Intermod/Overload/Other False Signals?

    Is there some way to help identify intermodulation and overload products from nearby cell towers, etc, without moving to a different location? I get a lot of garbage in the 440 - 470 Mhz range and it's hard to know the source. On a consistent signal I can check on another radio/scanner/antenna...
  3. T

    Intermodulation calculator

    Does anyone know of any free web or excel based intermod (5th order min.) calculators?