1. WX9RLT

    Clueless...if the internet did not exist

    I think if the internet did not exist, and people had to learn how to program their police scanners by hand. I wonder just how many people would know, how to actually program their scanners by hand. Instead of downloading databases, LOL From a fresh start...Would you be able to program your...
  2. marksroberson

    Help with a router!!!

    I on working on a router for a friend, his only internet source is his phone, but he would like internet in two places at once. He brought me a MBR1200b and I was wondering if I can put it in repeater mode (repeating his phone's hotspot), I have looked and looked for the option but maybe I am...
  3. K

    Dallas Police high speed multimedia?

    Hello alll, Thank you for reading my post. Recently I attended a rally in downtown Dallas, TX, and spotted local police using an antenna array not recognized. It looks similar to a higher end HSMM-Mesh antenna used in amateur radio. As seen, the set up is hard wired to an overwatch position...
  4. J

    BCD536HP Streaming Help

    I am a newbie and I really could use some help. Is it possible to stream my BCD536HP scanner over the net so when I leave home I can just open the app and listen to my scanner and control it over LTE ? Also can this be done without using my mac? I have the wifi dongle working on my home network...
  5. W

    How to connect to Win500 server over WAN?

    I have successfully setup a Win500 remote control server with TCPMux. I have tried setting up port forwarding through my Verizon FiOS router, but I am still ubable to connect from another computer on a different network to the remote server. I am not using any special firewall software besides...
  6. B

    Internet Shut Down, SW balance

    Egypt tried to control the protest by shutting down the internet. The ECHELON program started with phone monitoring, with the super computers our government owns, the internet is a tap into everyones life. The internet may be a cheap way to get a message out to people, but it is not free. I...
  7. F

    Hard Drive

    I have a question, although i am pretty computer savvy I have no idea what the program is or what it is called about those harddrives that auto-erase all data in my documents, internet history, ETC when you shut off the computer or log off? Like at a library, you know? Thanks!