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  1. 4phun

    iPhone Scanner Monitor App a Hit With Police and Firemen

    I have two digital scanners that I sometimes remember to turn on and carry with me. But as likely as not when something neat happens I don't have them right at hand. I always have my iPhone and with the simple tap on the 911 Emergency Monitor Application I can often jump directly to the city...
  2. jlinko

    Scanner Listening via iPhone

    From Dispatch Monthly: If you have an iPhone, you can now listen to public safety radio channels by tapping into the network of private scannerists who connect their radios to the Internet. You can download the FStream application from Apple's app Store. You can then determine the URL of the...
  3. P

    Howto: Listen to streams on your iPhone/iPod Touch

    Note: This requires firmware 2.0 Open up the App Store and search for "Toner" by Nullriver (costs $4.99 -- well worth it imho) Once you've installer Toner, open it up and go to the Search menu. Click "Open..." in the top right corner and enter an mp3 based steam URL, for example...