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    Setting up an IP Based TierII Network and Leasing Repeater Air Time

    Good Afternoon, I work for a federal contracting company in FL, and as part of one our contracts in NC we are looking to set up a private TierII IPSC DMR Mototrbo network. The network would be fairly small, 3 - 5 repeaters with no more then 20 radios. Each person operating the radios would...
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    Dmr ipsc lockup

    Looking for advice - on IPSC Talkgroup locking up: Over the last few weeks I have had an issue with some IPSC DR 3000's . The Channel has a Master and 5 Peers. Occasionally (as in twice in the last 3 weeks) one Talk Group has stopped working. We have 2 Talk groups sharing each Time Slot on...
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    Hoosier SAFE-T Thread 2013-2018

    New thread started for 2013... 2012 saw rebanding of the entire system, as well as a few new talkgroups and counties joining in. What does 2013 hold? Who knows, but please post all your questions, comments, info regarding Project Hoosier SAFE-T here. Steve - could you close the 2012 thread...
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    MotoTRBO Systems in Washington

    Does anyone know of, or better, have a listing of TRBO systems in Washington? I'm looking for any TRBO users; Commercial, Amateur and/or Public Service. I operate a UHF TRBO repeater on the east side on ham and have it IPSC linked to 5 other repeaters in other states. Finding more active...
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    MotoTRBO Ham Repeater List Wanted

    Does anyone know of a comprehensive (or any) list of Amateur Radio Repeaters running TRBO? Our group is running 6 repeaters in 3 states and we are curious who else is running TRBO and IPSC networking of those repeaters. We are MotoTRBOUSA and are be maintaining a list in our groups Database...