1. K

    1st Activation of Horseshoe Island - K5H

    The Noise Blankers Radio Group will use K5H as they activate Horseshoe Island for the first time on Beaver Lake near Rogers, Arkansas, as part of the U.S. Islands Awards Program. Time: Sunday, September 30, 2012; 0900 - 1700 Central Time (1400 - 2200 UTC); Weather permitting. Suggested...
  2. M

    Island Lake PD - any updates

    Hello, new member here and also new Island Lake resident. I have been browsing around on the topic of scanning the Island Lake PD. Nobody seems to know where they went, and haven't seen any discussion on the topic in 3 or 4 months. One note on the Lake County EDACS page says "Island Lake PD...
  3. pete8528

    Edisto Beach Fire Tones

    Just wondering if anyone knew, or knows where I can find out what tones Edisto Beach uses. thanks!
  4. w2lie

    Live Feed: Long Island Air Show 2010

    At the risk of cross-posting, I'm copying this to the 'regional' forum for those who do not read the streaming audio threads. I will be streaming the Long Island Air Show on my website. This is the 5th year that I will be doing so. In addition, I will hopefully have audio being uploaded to...
  5. w2lie

    Live Feed: Long Island Air Show 2010

    For the 5th year running, you will be able to listen on line to the Air Show at Jones Beach at The audio will be running on my "Specialty" feed. The frequency list for 2010 Jones Beach Air Show has been posted (Thanks to the MT List). Please visit Long Island Live Scanner...