1. W

    Kenwood: Program TM-V71A for cross band ARISS Repeater

    I am trying to program my TM-V71A with the cross band split for the ARISS repeater. I am following the instructions in the manual but I cannot make it work. The transmit [uplink] frequency is 437.80 Mhz. The receive [downlink] frequencie is 145.80 Mhz. No PL tone or offset is required...
  2. WX9RLT

    FTM-400 & The ISS

    Does anyone know how to set up the FTM-400 so we can do packets with the ISS? In depth tutorial would be awesome :) We have searched the net with no results :(
  3. Radiowawez

    ISS Activity Thread

    Anyone watch the Space Station fly by or monitor satalite transmissions? Heavens above website is quite educational!
  4. Dustybill69

    New at this type of thing.

    I have heard of programs for slow scan tv signals from the ISS or other satellites, is there a software program for police scanners to receive and decode these?
  5. K

    Tips for a new satellite listener?

    I have a 2m band Icom handheld radio and was hoping to catch the ISS in its pass over my school this Thursday. Do y'all have any tips? I have the included ("Rubber Ducky?") antenna. I know it's possible to catch the ISS this way just not the details.. Oh and what's the usual doppler shift from...