1. WX9RLT

    Aviation J-Pole Antenna

    Has anyone bought this ~ https://www.jpole-antenna.com/shop/aviation-airband-118-128-mhz-j-pole-antenna/ I was thinking about buying one. But before I do, I want everyone's opinion on it. How big of an improvement is it over the standard scanner antennas that come with the scanners...
  2. B

    J-POLE Antenna build. J Pole ebay fitting

    Hi all Im about to build a J pole. Ive purchased this from ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DIY-J-POLE-ANTENNA-AERIAL-FITTING-AIRBAND-2M-4M-6M-AMATEUR-HAM-RADIO-JPOLE/332659591355 Just wanted to share it with you guys as ive not seen these sold anywhere before and thought it was a good find...
  3. andrewvickery1

    2 meter j-pole

    Ok question, I am wanting to build a 2 meter j-pole and have looked at 100's of designs and have noticed that some have the short leg as the driven element and some have the long as the driven element. I am totaly confused. Please help.
  4. G

    68cm antenna

    I'm new to UHF radio and I have yet to hook a decent antenna up to my Kenwood HU8360 radio. I'd like to build a custom antenna but I am quickly learning that doing a good job means learning a confounding number of topics. I have seen several J-pole DIY guides but they are all focused at the 440...
  5. J

    Best 2M Antenna for Apartment Patio

    I live in an apartment building in the suburbs of NYC. I am looking for an easy antenna solution. Naturally, it needs to be low-profile. The patio has a metal rail, probably aluminum. Naturally the building would have something to say with a bog antenna mounted to it. I am not one to build my...
  6. Tandom

    Will 25w Fry My Brain?

    First Post Ever! (Please excuse me if this is in the wrong place) Finally received my GMRS call sign. With that, a nice 25w Lexien VV-898BP radio with the included Nagoya NL-R2 15" dual band antenna. Thing works like a charm on Simplex. From my apartment in Vernon, CT, there is only one...