jaguar 700p

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    Listening to Ottawa Police : radio recommandation

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for some advice with purchasing a radio capable of listening to Ottawa Police. It is my understanding that they are using EDACS Provoice so am thinking that either an LPE-200 or Jaguar 700p could do the job. Anyone has any experience or advice? Thanks!!
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    Jaguar P700 External Speaker, NMO Antenna?

    Possibly a dumb quesion, but would it be possible to use an external speaker (such as the Uniden ESP-20, perhaps) with a Jaguar P700? If so, where would it plug in and what type of connector would be necessary? Also, would an NMO hole mount antenna be possible to use when in the car? If so, what...
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    Jaguar 700P question

    I have a Jaguar 700P and have programmed it with Programmer R18. I have flash S15R05E05 with DSP I4R05K01, but my Option 29 is not showing to be on. I was reading somewhere in this forum that Option 12 must be present in order for Option 29 to work. I understand what the Feature Options are and...