jefferson county

  1. smcbmt

    Entergy in Southeast Texas

    I’m just returning to the hobby and have blown the dust off my 536 Over the past few weekends. Is my understanding of the Entergy system correct in as much as the only part of the system I need to retain in a favorites list is the trucked site for my city, Beaumont, the Texas talk group id’s...
  2. T

    DSDPlus CC Tracking but no VC

    Jefferson County has two trucked systems listed in RRDB. It has appeared they are using the frequencies from the TRBO to run the new TIII. I am having trouble getting the Voice to track and play through my speakers. The first thing I get when I start FMP24-CC and then tune to the CC of...
  3. S

    Pro-163: Lost Traffic & Scanner Stuck On One Channel

    My scanner was working fine until a few weeks ago. I was listening to Forestdale Fire & Rescue in Jefferson County in Alabama. My scanner is stuck on one channel, and I'm getting no traffic.
  4. marksroberson

    Jefferson County P.S. Site 05

    I was scanning and found the Jefferson County Public Services' Site #05 (not yet listed on the database), Control Channel: 853.0625 located in "WARROR" (at least that is what is says on my little PRO-652 screen) I have submitted it to the data base and am waiting for a response. you guys might...
  5. marksroberson

    Jefferson County E.M.A. Sirens?

    The Jefferson County EMA has 2 Frequencies, and a talk group channel on the Jefferson County Public Services Trunking System. the 2 Frequencies are: KXK336: 154.025 (which also says something about Paging Rec. on the FCC database) WNHT860: 453.300 The question i have is which frequency do they...
  6. marksroberson

    Jefferson County Public Safety Radio System

    hello everyone! I am in the process of moving houses, ( having to change addresses on everything uhhhhhh...) anyways! I was scanning through all of the frequencies in my scanner and hit the 700 MHz range and heard Jefferson county public safety's 800mhz radio system 's talkgroups on 700 MHz...
  7. se7endust1999


    i am new to the scanner world and i am having a heck of a time programming my PRO 2096 for Jefferson County police i am following the owners manual and i am having no luck i work at a wrecker service in Oak Grove and we really need this scanner to work if anyone can help it would be greatly...
  8. vwalker720

    Jefferson Co AL Trunking Control Freq

    Does anyone have the NEW Jefferson Co, AL Sherrif Dept Trunking Control Frequencies? I've listened for years, but now I can not pick up any traffic.
  9. G

    Thousand Islands Bridge Authority

    Does anyone know the correct VHF frequency (and PL, if any), for the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority in Collins Landing (near Alexandria Bay, Jefferson County)? I have seen it listed as both 155.85 and 158.85 MHz, and their vehicles have VHF antennas. However, I cannot find this listing on...
  10. jr63049

    Jefferson County Fire Online Scanner Feed

    There is a new scanner feed located at . It constantly broadcasts Jefferson County Fire, South County Fire, and several EMS channels. Occasionally, there will be other agencies heard from around the area. Please visit and have a listen...