johns creek

  1. D

    Johns Creek police and dispatch encryption

    So, I live in Johns Creek and they are apart of the Fulton County Public Safety P25 and they run most of their dispatch calls encrypted however some calls for some reason go in the clear unencrypted which I think is odd. But anyways I wrote a letter to the mayor asking what the reason is and...
  2. dondraper40

    Where is Johns Creek Police Channels?

    I used to get Johns Creek Police Department (JCPD, Fulton County on Chatcomm) on my RS Pro-106 scanner using a DB download from here (on RR) but discovered recently that it no longer receives any of the JCPD communication. (other nearby counties such as Forsyth still work). I know that the PD...
  3. T

    Chatt-Comm Johns Creek Police etc...

    Does anyone know when this will be back on line? Hope we haven't lost our sponsor!