1. kd7kdc

    JWIN Spokane

    With renewed intrest in the JWIN system I have been looking at the spokane towers with Unitrunker and have come up with some talkgroups that have not been identified. They are 13496, 13478, 13103 comming from spokane towers 001-030 and 001-031. I dont have digital scanner so I have no way to...
  2. K

    New Fed Freqs?

    I have logged the following freqs on 11/30/09 between 9 and 10 pm PST; 168.8375 & 168.9625 - Data bursts; sound like P25. 171.4625, 168.2375, 166.9250 and 165.9000 - sound like control channels. I will check these out further after I get them programmed into my PRO 95 and/or BC250D. Anyone...