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  1. F

    Regional scanner needs to be added to Johnson County KS

    The previous provider for the Johnson County Kansas police scanner quit in protest over a topic I won't mention, but this thread is not about that topic. There is another scanner that serves all of the Kansas City area, Kansas City Regional Public Safety Live Audio Feed - this is listed...
  2. K

    7/17/20 - KC Area MARRS P25 - Pursuit Talkgroup

    Does anyone know the TGID for RegCom 3 (pursuit channel) on the KC area MARRS P25? I have a SDS100 and I can hear pursuits from the agency but having trouble finding the TGID of the actual pursuit channel when they are patched. Any assistance is welcomed. Thank you... Joe
  3. W

    Active repeaters in Kansas City MO and KS

    Hey, I will be spending 2 weeks in Kansas city, Mo and Ks and I was hoping for some hints about 440 repeaters which are active in that area. It would be nice to get some people to talk to while I am there and in the car :-) Thanks in advance for the suggestions. 73
  4. K

    Uniden BCD536HP Input Frequencies

    I am new to all this and trying to figure it all out, so please forgive me if I do not understand all the terminology from the beginning. I have the Uniden BCD536HP and I live in North Johnson County Kansas where they have switched to the (MARRS) system. My scanner will not pick up any of the...
  5. K

    Downtown Kansas City Monitoring

    I wanted to get a thread starting for people that have been monitoring Downtown KCMO frequencies including but not limited to KCMO Police and Fire, Sprint Center, Downtown Security Patrol, etc. A little background info where Im coming from: I just bought a pro-197 from Radio Shack. Im...
  6. mgolden2

    900 mhz equipment in Kansas City

    Does anyone know where to find 900 mhz equipment in or near kansas city? Im interested in trying this band but am weary of buying equipment off ebay. Btw - for a great site about 900 mhz go to GEMOTO** Ham groups with interest in 6M and UHF repeater building and commercial converstions thanks