1. centuryvrproductions

    Maxtrac Wont transmit on a frequency

    I Just got a 40W Maxtrac 300 for my repeater It just wont transmit to my Repeaters frequency of 444.500MHz. It transmits for a sec and stops. It seems to transmit fine on 449.500. (Duhh, its in the bandsplit range) The bandsplit is 449-470 or somthing like that, and I want it to transmit out...
  2. centuryvrproductions

    Building a HAM Repeater with HT's

    I am Building a ham repeater and i have many MT1000 HT's hanging around and I was going to use them for the RX and TX hooked up to a Repeater controller. The TX is no problem because There is a pin for PTT and Audio in... The RX is an issue because I cannot find a way to trigger the controller...