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    Kencom Police dispatch

    Hey guys, i was wondering if someone would be able to tell me what channel is actually P1, P2, & P3. Also what frequency does Oswego use to communicate with the Front desk at their office? Im trying to program my radio and i want the best results to be able to hear everything. Also would Kencom...
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    VHF vs UHF radios in IL

    So i own an HT1000 VHF and a HT1250 UHF. and once i started listening to Kendall county fire, and Kane county sheriffs department and stuff like that on VHF, i noticed its a lot harder to pick up. there is a lot more static and cuts in and out a lot. now i was just wondering if maybe that was...
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    Kendall County Sheriff's Department

    hey there! i was wondering if anyone knew what frequency the Kendall county sheriff's department is now on? I cant seem to find it and haven't heard them in a long time on 453.47500. Does anyone know what they switched to? Thanks!
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    Kendall County sheriff

    Does anyone know if Kendall County Sheriff's dispatch changed their frequency? I haven't picked anything up in about an hour. Was wondering if they may have switched frequencies. The frequency i currently have is 460.52500 please let me know! thank you